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Technology Services Provider & IT Consulting

Boost your operational performance and improve your security posture with ited, Canada’s leading technology services provider and IT consultant for SMBs.   

Trust our team of IT security consultants and our IT experts. We’re here to implement technological solutions that will ensure superior security and drive your business forward.  

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Partner in the Growth of SMBs in Canada

Ited is more than a traditional managed service provider (msp) or technology provider. We are a trustworthy partner in the growth of SMBs across Canada.  

As a technology services provider that also offers consulting services, we don’t focus on one vendor or technology. We find what works best for companies by considering their needs and objectives. 

Our company is a consortium of over 250 information technology experts born of our union with HelpOX, Noxent and MS Geslam. With over 35 years of experience and 8 offices across the province, we serve thousands of businesses throughout Canada every year.  

If you’re an information systems security officer or a business manager looking for IT or cybersecurity solutions, our IT experts are always ready to help. 

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ited: verb meaning to digitize a business.

ited: Verb Meaning to Digitize a Business

Make Sure You Have the Right Solution 

ited offers much more than a simple hyperconverged system. Over the years, we have perfected and adapted solutions that provide a maximum gain in performance. 

These solutions, which are typically offered to large corporations, are now available and accessible to Canadian SMBs through partners such as Azure and Amazon. 

With the ited team, you are guaranteed personalized solutions adapted to your needs. As providers of cutting-edge enterprise technologies, we can implement the best solutions for your business, regardless of the technological situation in which you find yourself. 

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Discover Our Alan Allman Associates Ecosystem 

Our Managed Services Offer 

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Don’t Wait Until the Situation Becomes Critical to Take Action

Do you really know the difference between monthly technical support and a managed IT service? When it comes to managed IT service offerings, our team will take into consideration many important factors for your business:  

Our goal is to provide your business with a comprehensive managed IT service and sound technology management (TCO) by being ahead of the game and keeping you informed of what is best for you—leaving you to focus on growing your business and your future plans. 

Our Union Is Our Strength

Team up with a company that complements you! Our team is composed of more than 250 specialists whose goal is to offer IT solutions adapted to your needs.  

It is important that each of our clients are satisfied with the services and solutions they use. Knowing that technologies are constantly changing, we make sure we have the necessary internal skills to solve various problems.  

In order to ensure an unparalleled quality of service, our team keeps up to date and perfects their skills throughout the year by following ongoing training on the various technologies. 

Your One-Stop Shop for Your Company’s IT services

ited goes far beyond the traditional offerings of managed service providers and consulting firms. We offer a complete range of services and solutions to improve the performance and security of your IT systems. If you’re looking for a solution provider for all your IT needs, ited is the company to contact. 

Discover all the services our experts offer to help companies achieve their goals. 

An employee using an office phone to represent the unified communications systems offered by ited.

Unified Communication Systems

Data digitization concept to represent ited's IT solutions.

Innovative IT Solutions

Image of a digital cloud to represent the managed services offered by ited’s IT consultants.

Managed Cloud Service from IT experts

Keep Up With the Pace of New Developments in IT Solutions and Services

Stay ahead of the game by following the latest IT and technology developments for small and large businesses. Discover our latest articles on the hot topics of the moment and potentially find new IT solutions to propel your growth.  

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ited is a technology services provider.

ited — Beyond Technology Consulting and Managed Services

Trust a technology services provider to meet all your digital needs. ited is more than an IT consulting company. We can provide businesses with everything they need, from managed services to cloud consulting and IT strategy consulting to drive their growth.  

For all your digital transformation projects, contact our IT consulting team. We listen to your needs and objectives and are sure to find the right technological solutions to support and stimulate your growth.  

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Do you have an IT project? 

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Our IT experts are available to discuss your objectives, answer your questions and provide effective consulting for all your IT projects. As a managed technology services provider, we operate on a consultative and collaborative basis. We are ready to guide you and help you make informed decisions for all your IT needs. 

Talk to an IT Consultant at ited

To speak to an IT solutions consultant, do not hesitate to use our online form. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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