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IT Support

Our one-stop technical support service allows you to concentrate all of your company’s IT-related requests in a single location

At ited, we know that the productivity of our clients depends on excellent technical support for users. That’s why our service center offers 24/7 computer technical support, or during normal business hours, depending on your needs.

Our team specializes in computer technical support. Each month, we support over 2,000 tickets and help many businesses. We are masters at handling incidents and service requests from our clients.

What is an IT technical support service?

Users of an IT technical support system have access to a one-stop shop system. This allows them to concentrate all requests related to information technology in a single point.

All requests received are recorded in a tracking system and are documented. This ensures the traceability of events and allows us to build a solid knowledge base on our clients’ environment.

Areas of expertise

Do you need a professional team to provide you with high quality computer technical support? Trust our team.

ited advantage

Our various support offerings include, at no additional cost, as long as they are active, quarterly analyses such as :


fleet analysis

Control of IT operating costs

and ROI measurement

Optimization recommendations

in security control

Increase your company’s productivity with our IT support