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The advantages of a VoiP solution

How we do things differently…

ITED boasts a skilled workforce of over 200 certified specialists, ready to provide you with an exceptional VoIP experience. We master not only VoIP, but also networking, virtualization, and security, guaranteeing an optimized and secure telephone system, regardless of your infrastructure. As an Internet Service Provider, we exceed expectations with our expertise in communications and optical fibre management, guaranteeing superior connectivity for your VoIP system.

With ITED, every step, from the deployment to technical support, is carried out with excellence. Our mission is to exceed your expectations in VoIP telephony and propel your business to success. Welcome to ITED, where communication knows no bounds.

Why our infrastructure is more robust than our competition …

At ITED, we distinguish ourselves by the robustness of our infrastructure. With over 3M invested in several data centers, we have created an infrastructure that exceeds the competition. We leverage hyper-convergence technology, offering exceptional speed and efficiency for all your communication needs. Our network infrastructures are redundant and spread across multiple data centers. This redundancy means that if a problem occurs in one data center, service is immediately switched to another, ensuring seamless continuity.

We also restore failed infrastructures at an incredible rate of speed, recovering up to 10TB of data in just 6 seconds. This means that in the unlikely event of a failure, you can count on a fast and efficient restoration. Add to this our dedicated Network Operations Center (NOC) team monitoring our services 24/7. This continuous monitoring enables us to proactively detect and resolve problems, minimizing the impact on your business.

At ITED, our investment in state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures that our service is always robust, reliable, and superior.

The advantage of a solution that goes further…

At ITED, our expertise goes far beyond VoIP. We offer a managed support service that ensures efficient management of your IT systems, liberating you to focus on your core business. Our technology governance ensures that your technologies are aligned with your business objectives, maximizing the value of your IT investments. Our robust security services protect your systems and data against threats, while our backup solutions ensure rapid recovery in the event of failure. With our anti-ransomware vigilance service, we constantly monitor your systems to detect and prevent cyberattack attempts. In addition, our phishing awareness training helps your employees recognize and avoid phishing attacks. What’s more, our cabling services ensure a solid, well-organized network infrastructure.

At ITED, we’re your complete IT solutions partner.

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