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Unified Communications and Collaboration System

Benefit from increased productivity with the installation of a unified communications system by ited, your managed technology services provider. 

In the current context where more and more employees are called to work remotely, collaboration tools are necessary to deploy effective communication strategies. 


If you want to improve your productivity, reduce your costs and facilitate collaboration within your organization, we can help. Find out how unified communications systems can help you manage all your business communications more effectively. 

DefiningUnified Communications (UC)

A good corporate unified communications strategy must include all the elements making up the internal and external communications system. Find out what these communication channels are from our IT solutions experts.

Communication — Voice

A conventional phone system offers few advantages for modern organizations. That’s why many companies are turning to more reliable and efficient communication technologies, such as a VOIP system (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or hybrid telephony systems (voice calls via Microsoft Teams). Manage your calls and voicemails more easily thanks to a modern communication system. 

Communication — Unified Messaging

In addition to the ability to receive phone calls, messaging systems are another essential element of your internal communications strategy. Good, unified communications solutions therefore include instant messaging and e-mail management. Ited can help you determine which collaborative communication tools to install to improve communications and collaboration. 

Communication — Video Conferencing

Beyond IP telephony and instant messaging, the ability to hold audio and video conferences is crucial for modern organizations. Facilitate real-time communications, virtual workgroups, and conferences with a flexible business communications system. 

Communication — Collaboration

Your employees need to be able to share files quickly and collaborate effectively on your documents. Theres no better way of improving internal communication, collaboration, document sharing and real-time project tracking between your teams than with business applications such as Microsoft 365.

Communication — Mobility

Developing effective mobility strategies is a priority in the age of flexible working. Your employees must be able to access your information quickly, no matter where their workstation is, or from any device (laptop, cell phone, etc.). 

Why Choose aUnified Communications Systemfor Your Organization?

Les avantages des systèmes de communications unifiées

We’ve come a long way since the days of whiteboards. Choosing a unified communication & collaboration system that covers all your needs is essential for both your internal and external communications. Your system is a veritable social network for your company, promoting effective communication between your teams, employees and customers.   

If you need help deciding which business cloud communications system or tools to install, we’re ready to help. We’re proud to offer a UCaaS (unified communication as a service) that supports external and internal communications best practices. 

Main Benefits ofMain Benefits of UC Solutions

OurUnified CommunicationsSolutions and Services

ited specializes in various unified communications solutions to help your organization increase profitability. Here are the different services we offer:  

An Overview of Our Products toEnhance Your Communications

3CXVOIP Solution

If you’re looking for a high-performance alternative to the Asterisk platform, the 3CX platform is an excellent choice. The 3CX VOIP environment is a Linux-based PBX, the client (user) application is however available on iOS, Android, web, Windows and MacOS. 3CX is also compatible with WhatsApp Business, Facebook and SMS.  

Another key benefit of this product is its flexibility in terms of integrations. VOIP 3CX easily integrates with a broad range of CRM apps such as Zoho, Salesforce and Hubspot, as well as with Microsoft 365 (contacts and calendar). The application also integrates helpdesk software such as Freshdesk and Zendesk. 


Like all products from Microsoft, Teams has a solid reputation in the field of unified communications. Microsoft Teams offers a wide variety of packages to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Here are just a few of the choices available: 

Microsoft Teams Essentials: Teams Essential is the entry-level package for using Microsoft Teams. This plan provides essential features for collaboration (document sharing), communication (instant messaging) and online meetings (video conferencing). 

Microsoft Teams Standard Telephony: The complete telephony package integrated with Microsoft Teams. This solution allows organizations to receive calls, access voicemail and many other standard telephony features.

Teams Phone Package: Teams Phone goes one step further than the standard telephony offer. In addition to receiving phone calls, the Teams Phone subscription enables you to organize conferences and obtain several other advanced telephony features from the Teams’ platform.

Teams Phone with National Calls: This plan extends the Teams Phone subscription with national calling capabilities. As a result, organizations can make and receive calls on a nationwide basis. 

In addition to these attractive options for businesses, Teams also integrates other unified communications solutions, such as the aforementioned 3CX VOIP telephony.

Microsoft365 E5

Microsoft 365 E5 is a comprehensive suite of Microsoft enterprise applications and services. This suite contains advanced security, compliance, productivity and collaboration features. Microsoft Teams and many other productivity tools are also included in Microsoft 365 E5. 

Do not hesitate to talk to our experts to discover the best communication solutions for your business. 

For Your Unified Communications, ited isYour Trusted Service Provider

For more than 35 years, we’ve been offering innovative IT solutions to help our clients grow. Our team is made up of over 200 competent and dedicated professionals. We provide quality services to our clients that always live up to their expectations.  

Our unified communications consultants are always there to answer your questions. ited’s Service Centre handles more than 2,500 tickets per month on average. Our Operations Centre has managed over 4,900 pieces of equipment since its foundation. We currently deliver over 300 projects annually. 

ited Is a3CX Expertand Titanium Partner

ited is a 3CX expert and Titanium partner.

ited is also a 3CX Titanium Partner. Having achieved the highest level for a 3CX partner, we are the premier provider for 3CX unified communications projects. 

For a hassle-free UC system installation, trust ited. 

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