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IT Outsourcing

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IT Outsourcing: Services for SMEs

Does your company need support with IT management? You could take advantage of the IT outsourcing services of an external firm to facilitate the management process and free yourself from these tasks!

According to a study from IBM, 56% of business leaders around the world expect an increase in the use of outsourcing services in the three years following the survey. These solutions, which are increasingly popular with SMEs, ensure better management of IT systems, which are essential for all businesses!

To better understand this concept and the services that we offer, we have clarified the subject for you!

What is IT outsourcing?

IT outsourcing brings together all the outsourcing services that are available to companies that want to delegate all or a portion of the management of their computer resources and information technologies to an external firm.

When you go out to eat at a great restaurant, your goal is to enjoy an excellent meal that will be prepared for you by a chef and a specialized team. If you make a false move and drop your knife on the ground, a server will make sure to pick it up and bring you a clean one.

Apart from enjoying your meal, your only concern will be paying the bill. The restaurant takes care of everything! When you take advantage of IT outsourcing services for your business, you enjoy the same benefits as when you go to a restaurant!

A facilitated approach

When you decide to take advantage of outsourcing services, a team of professionals takes care of preparing everything and maintaining your IT systems so that they are efficient while letting you focus on your business. If you have a problem or need help, you just have to call the outsourcer’s online help desk. And of course, pay the bill at the end of the month.

Let’s return to our restaurant. When you order a meal to go (takeout), you take care of bringing it back home. In this way, you have delegated a portion of what is involved in cooking your meal to others. The same goes for managed services. You delegate a portion of the management of your services to others.

For example, you could delegate several of these services to a managed services provider:

  • Monitoring functions
  • Alert management
  • Updating your IT systems
  • User support service
  • The establishment and daily management of a wireless network

You choose the service provision that interests you, and you take care of the rest of your IT activities!

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