ited, the TSP expert

About Us

Together we optimize your IT governance

ited is a Quebec company, specializing in the governance of IT services and solutions as well as adapted technologies. Born from the union of HelpOX, Noxent, and MS Geslam, ited has more than 35 years of experience in the IT industry. ited has over 200 IT experts in 8 offices around Quebec and serves thousands of businesses across Canada.

Working in an ever-evolving field, ited is distinguished by its commitment to integrity, IT security, quality of services and its investment in research and continuous training. Additionally, ited listens to the needs of its clients as well as the market in order to adapt and improve the solutions it offers. It’s no mistake that the company is at the forefront of IT services.

Each customer is seen as a partner. It is important for ited to support all clients so they can concentrate on the essential part of their business: their growth