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IT Cloud Solutions

Your company will be fully supported in your digital transformation

Why do you need it?

Over the past decade, the move to the Cloud has dominated IT infrastructure evolution decisions. There are many Cloud solutions available on the market for SMBs, both application and software. They offer great productivity and collaboration opportunities for organizations.

As identity theft, cyber attacks, malware and virus infection risks continue to increase, companies need to align their business continuity plans with their master plans to ensure instant recovery in the event of an IT disaster.

The ited advantage

With our Cloud solutions for SMB, your company will be fully supported in your digital transformation.

ited, an accredited Internet Service Provider (ISP), provides full control of connections and traffic through its fiber links to fully assembled Canadian hyper-converged data centers, offering performance, security and agility above current Canadian standards.

Comprised of multiple highly skilled departments in all IT verticals, ited ensures smooth migration expertise and constant maintenance of Cloud infrastructures to support business operations.

Virtually any IT company can set up virtual servers, but none can anticipate the unexpected and ensure that every step is optimized as ited can.

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