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Business IP Telephony

Entrust your business telephony to ited and benefit from state of the art telephone solutions

Business Telephony Service

The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is essential to the efficiency of your business, whether it is for internal communications or communications with your suppliers, partners, or customers. That’s why ited offers business telephony solutions that are among the best on the market.

Business Telephony Solutions

Telephony solutions must be able to adapt to your way of working. ited offers Avaya cloud telephony systems that are accessible at all times, no matter where you are. Here are some of the advantages of Cloud telephony.

Voice Over IP in Business Telephony

By keeping everything you need within reach, on any device and in any place, the business telephony systems set up by ited allow you to simplify the way your business is able to communicate.

You can communicate with your customers and employees, wherever they are. ited makes it easier to manage your tasks and virtual working groups.

When In-Person Meetings aren’t Possible

We are living in a new reality where work and remote meetings have increased the importance of being able to share files, screens, and ideas. Thanks to the business telephony system installed by ited, remote collaboration has never been so easy.

Energize your video conferences and meetings with HD quality, screen sharing, and several other IT solutions.

Integrated Telecommunications Solutions

The best business telephony solution is the one that meets all your communication needs. Our business IT specialists are attentive to the needs of your company and will offer you customized, integrated telecommunications solutions.

Don’t let business telephony problems slow down your business. Contact our business IT experts now.

Cloud Solutions

ited offers a wide selection of Cloud solutions that are fully tailored to your needs.

  • HD-quality audio- and video-conferences and meetings
  • Team messaging that is perfect for collaboration, with file sharing and more
  • Robust and reliable professional phone system, including professional SMS and call management

Ask an advisor at ited how we can support you in your transition to a communication system offering flexibility, mobility, and agility.

Communication and Telework

Stimulate the excellence of your employees when they are working remotely thanks to ited’s business telephony solutions.

  • Share large files without crashing your email inbox
  • Facilitate rapid contact between colleagues while eliminating the incessant exchange of emails
  • Simplify collaboration and participation on collective projects
  • Keep all your data in the same place, as long as you want

Entrust your business telephony to ited and take advantage of cutting-edge telephony solutions. To learn more about our unified communications services, contact ited today.

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