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Cyber Solutions for Total Protection

Looking for cyber solutions that perfectly meet the needs of your SMB? Discover CyberCARE, ited’s exclusive enterprise cybersecurity solutions. Protect your business with our IT security and cybersecurity experts and personalized cybersecurity services.

What Are CyberCARE Cyber Solutions?

CyberCARE Total Protection: Cybersecurity, Advanced Response and Execution

CyberCARE is an advanced cybersecurity pack with three different levels of protection. This gives small and medium-sized business owners greater flexibility in choosing a cybersecurity solution that’s right for them.

Learn more about the three levels of protection in our CyberCARE cybersecurity offering.

Essential: Basic Local and Cloud Computing Security

Essential is the core enterprise cybersecurity solution in our CyberCARE offering. It includes basic security operations and managed software such as:

To protect your business and benefit from best practices in information security, CyberCARE Essential covers all your basic needs.

Proactive: Advanced Vulnerability Detection, SoC and 365 Backup

CyberCARE’s Proactive package is the ideal solution for more comprehensive cybersecurity in companies. In addition to all the basic software and cyber security services included in the Essential package, companies have access to:

Advance: Patching, SIEM, phishing and SNDB security analysis

CyberCARE’s Advance offering provides total cybersecurity protection. In addition to obtaining all the software and managed services of the Proactive offer, SMBs have access to:

Ited Managed Software and Services

Table of CyberCare Cyber Solutions at ited

Looking for the best cyber solution to limit your cyber risk and protect your sensitive data?

The Benefits of CyberCARE for Your Organization

Companies that neglect their IT and network security expose themselves to the threat of malicious encryption, theft of personal data and extortion. That’s why it’s crucial for organizations of all sizes to take advantage of solutions that strengthen their cybersecurity.

CyberCARE is a flexible and comprehensive range of cyber security services to help you protect data and secure your IT systems.

What CyberCARE Can Do for Your Business

RMM AI-automated updates
EDR anti-ransomware and restoration
email shield anti crypto protection
SOC monitoring and cybersecurity

With a CyberCARE cyber solution tailored to your needs, you’ll be able to:

CyberCARE goes beyond the traditional offering of a managed security services provider. With CyberCARE, you offer your organization everything it needs to ensure an impeccable security posture.

Your cybersecurity is in capable hands, from anti-fraud tools and email protection to endpoint security and 24/7 state-of-the-art monitoring.

Why Choose ited to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity?

ited is your knight and IT shield, your ally in cyber threat intelligence and threat prevention. Our CyberCARE enterprise cybersecurity solutions are integrated suites designed to meet the needs of companies of all sizes and sectors.  

Put an end to digital uncertainty and rely on ited for proactive monitoring and IT protection tools that ensure foolproof security. Our experts offer top notch IT services to help you raise customer confidence, protect your data and reputation, and safeguard your finances.


If you have any questions about our CyberCARE offer, contact our cybersecurity consultants today for more information