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5 Cybersecurity Tips to Strengthen Your Business

Are you looking for cybersecurity tips to strengthen your security posture? Implementing the best cybersecurity practices has emerged as a critical concern for modern businesses. 

If we treat cybercrime as its own economy, it would rank as the world’s third largest, trailing only the United States and China. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, global damages from cybercrime are projected to reach $9.5 trillion (about $29,000 per person in the US) by 2024. Statistics Canada noted that 25% of medium-sized businesses (50 to 249 employees) reported being impacted by cybersecurity incidents in 2021. 

What Type of Organization Should Focus on Improving Cybersecurity? 

Contrary to widespread belief, it’s not just large corporations or governments that face risks. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are often prime targets for cyberattacks and hackers. It is frequently due to a lack of guidance and support in cybersecurity, leading to numerous security vulnerabilities. 

With technology evolving constantly, the threat of cyber incidents continues to rise. Especially given the complexity of implementing a robust cybersecurity strategy that demands a highly responsive approach. As a company specializing in this field, ited assists businesses in selecting the most effective solutions to counter cyber threats. 

Protect, detect, and respond. These three pillars underpin our cybersecurity services. Our company’s experts are well equipped to advise on protection tools and security measures to implement. Here’s a guide to the top 5 solutions for bolstering your company’s security and thwarting cyber attacks. 

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Our Top Cybersecurity Tips to Counter Security Vulnerabilities 

This guide presents the 5 best solutions for strengthening your company’s security and fending off cyberattacks. 

  1. Protect Internet Access Using Best Cybersecurity Practices

The first step in securing your business against cyber attacks is to protect the point of access to the Internet and your computer network security. To achieve this, you have several options, including: 

  • – Using a virtual private network (VPN), firewalls and an intrusion prevention system 
  • – Internet page filtering to block suspicious activity, malicious websites and phishing scams 
  • – Ensuring regular software updates on all devices 
  • – Having an Extended Detection and Response (XDR) tool 
  • – Using strong passwords, a password manager, and multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions 

Combined and properly implemented, these strategies can provide a robust defense against a wide range of cyber threats. This protects the integrity, confidentiality and availability of company resources and data. 

It is also essential to maintain an ongoing security policy. This includes employee training to ensure that all stakeholders understand the cyberrisks and cybersecurity best practices.   

  1. Involving Human Resources in the Cybersecurity Strategy

The cybersecurity strategy should be implemented in collaboration with your company’s employees and collaborators. Every member with access to the Internet network and data should be able to act securely to protect their sensitive data, including those using mobile devices. This ensures that unauthorized individuals cannot gain access to sensitive information. 

Here’s how your human resources department can assist you in your cybersecurity efforts: 

  • – Managing access granted to employees 
  • – Developing your security/incident policy 
  • – Promoting a culture of security within your company (how to spot phishing scams, never sharing sensitive or financial information without thorough verification, etc.) 
  • – Managing personnel-related security risks 
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  1. Opting for a Cloud-Based Solution

Another highly valued cybersecurity tip embraced by modern businesses is the implementation and use of the cloud. 

Key features and benefits include: 

  • – High availability services 
  • – Geographic redundancy options 
  • – Regular backup services are often integrated into the solution 
  • – Significant investment in security measures 
  • – Certification and compliance to validate data protection 

However, it’s essential to note that there are numerous cloud solutions with diverse offerings and services. Therefore, it’s crucial to analyze your options before making a choice. Don’t hesitate to seek expert advice to determine which packages or solutions are tailored to your company’s needs. 

  1. Encrypting Your Data

Data encryption is an extra layer of security and a fundamental method of protecting information. It converts data into an unreadable format without specific decryption keys. Encrypting your data means that your personal information is protected, and the only way to access it is to have a unique key.  

This is a highly advantageous solution for businesses as it ensures integrity, authenticity, and unparalleled data protection against cyber threats such as ransomware attacks and other cyberattacks. 

  1. Seeking Guidance from Cybersecurity Experts

As you may have understood, security breaches such as data breaches can cost your business dearly and bring about numerous problems. With guidance from cybersecurity experts, you can implement a cybersecurity strategy to ensure optimal data protection. 

Consulting services in cybersecurity offer many advantages, such as: 

  • – Tailoring a bespoke strategy 
  • – Prompt assistance in case of incidents 
  • – Continuous monitoring of your network 
  • – Minimizing the impact of attacks 


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If you need more cybersecurity tips, wish to be guided, or have any cybersecurity questions, please contact us. Our IT security experts specialize in protecting computer operating systems for small and medium-sized businesses. They will be delighted to listen to you and answer all your questions. 

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