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IT Managed Security

We act as a safety officer and ensure that the risk inherent in an event is properly managed and controlled according to established expectations

Our IT security services for business

The last few years have shown us that no one is safe from a security breach. There are hackers in all corners of the world waiting to stumble upon a security hole and penetrate your computer systems. Therefore, it is logical to ask the question: “when will a hacker strike?” The evolution of security allows you to protect yourself in order to reduce the security holes in your systems and even to see them coming. It is essential to have a security system at the cutting edge of technology regardless of the business field in which you are. 

Security is an essential aspect to integrate in your daily life!

What are the different types of possible attacks?

Did you know that 52% of attacks come from within? In addition, many breaches are the result of techniques as simple as sending a username and password back. 

Depending on the business sector, a cyberattack can have different motivations. According to the latest statistics, the bulk of attacks are aimed at: 

Demanding money and ransomware (the number one source of cyber security attacks)
Gaining access to unauthorized areas
Stealing personal or financial information (less than a quarter of cyber attacks)
Making networks unavailable for a period of time.

If your corporate IT security is not sufficiently effective, it is sometimes easy to penetrate your networks to access your data! Investing in a reliable security system allows you to effectively protect yourself against any type of attack, or to be able to react to it if necessary. 

Protecting yourself from attacks with cybersecurity

There are several ways to protect yourself from cybercrime. 

First of all, it is important to equip your operating system with powerful protection software and to make regular updates of all your networks. Regularly backing up your information is also important to protect yourself from data loss. Get a checklist and consider protecting your mobile devices as well. 

A cybersecurity expert will be the best resource to protect your computer systems and educate you on the subject. Many small and medium-sized businesses take advantage of outside services to provide corporate IT security. According to Statcan, investment in cybersecurity for businesses is primarily driven by: 

Protection of personal information (68%) 
Prevention of fraud and theft (41%) and 
Prevention of computer system disruption (31%)

To assist SMBs, ited has developed a 3-step security plan that allows all businesses to easily target their needs. Depending on the type of business you have, we can customize and adapt your security to your needs while having a very solid foundation.

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