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How to Protect Your Business From Phishing Attacks?

The Keys of Cybersecurity

Innovation and security are at the heart of every successful business. The challenges of cybersecurity have never been greater until now. In partnership with Connectwise, we tackled a crucial question: “How do you protect your business from phishing attacks?”

The Challenges of Cybersecurity

In a world where digital has become the norm, businesses are increasingly dependent on technology for their operations. But with this dependence comes an increase in online threats. In particular, phishing attacks have become more frequent and sophisticated. These attacks threaten the security of sensitive data and the stability of businesses.

Cybersecurity is a crucial issue, and the threat of phishing attacks is constantly growing. The webinar organized by Ited in partnership with Connectwise provided valuable keys to strengthening corporate security. In this session, participants explored the subtleties of phishing attacks and discovered concrete solutions against them.

Phishing Context

The current context, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, has increased the risks associated with phishing. Indeed, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Agency (CAFC) has recorded an alarming 200% increase in fraud-related complaints. Between 2019 and 2020, 70% of these were directly related to phishing.

This trend has resulted in significant financial consequences, with more than $100 million in losses related to fraud in 2020. The attacks have affected a diverse group of victims, including individuals, businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations alike.

The impact on the security of sensitive data and customer confidence is significant. What’s more, phishing attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, targeted and commonplace. Hence, it is imperative that every company is ready to face up to these growing threats.

Exploring Phishing Traps

The webinar offered a valuable opportunity to explore the phishing traps in detail. Discussions focused on the answers to the quizzes, explaining the reasons behind each choice. This educational approach provided a wealth of knowledge to identify the tactics employed by cybercriminals and fortify oneself against their traps.

About ited

Ited is a consulting firm specializing in the governance of IT solutions and services, and in adaptive technologies. Our team of over 200 seasoned professionals has extensive experience in information technology management. Each year, we successfully carry out over 300 projects for a wide range of companies across Canada.

Cybersecurity is at the heart of our expertise. We manage over 200 security incidents of all kinds, from ransomware to extortion to fraud. Our reputation is built on our commitment to research and ongoing training. It is also firmly anchored in the quality of our information technology services.

Ited & ConnectWise

In partnership with Connectwise, we’ve designed this webinar to provide you with essential knowledge and tools against phishing attacks. Our goal: to strengthen corporate resilience in the face of cyberattacks.

This webinar was presented by ited co-founders André Lajoie and Eric Bigras, and the head of the security department, Jonathan Johnson. In this interactive session, they shared a holistic approach to identifying, avoiding and countering phishing attacks.

Your business deserves maximum protection in an austere and ever-changing digital world. Please fill in the form to access the webinar replay and learn more about cybersecurity.

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