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How to Improve IT Security in your organization ?

Is it important to know how to improve IT security in your enterprise? In an era marked by the widespread digitization of transactions and the exchange of information, ensuring robust IT security measures is paramount for companies 

As organizations increasingly rely on digital platforms for their operations, the risk of cyber threats looms large. Therefore, understanding and implementing effective strategies to improve IT security becomes not just important, but imperative, to safeguard sensitive data, maintain operational continuity, and protect against potential security vulnerabilities. 

6 Security Practices to Improve IT Security 

Today’s companies must learn how to protect their sensitive information while being able to share it quickly when necessary.Protecting your data regularly is vital for maintaining the information security of your company.  

Thankfully, numerous managed cyber security solutions are at your disposal. With the array of options available, making a choice can prove challenging. Therefore, consider hiring a professional organization to conduct a security audit and assess your security posture. This security team can guide you, advise you, and help you determine the security solutions that best suit the needs of your company. 

Find out now how to improve your company’s IT security with 6 effective methods from ited’s IT solutions experts. 

Use of Secure Private Networks and Servers 

To understand how to improve IT security in your organization, it is necessary to first understand what needs to be protected. The first step in securing your sensitive data involves protecting your internet access and computer network from cyber threats 

To this end, we suggest using proxy servers and firewalls, as well as implementing limitations on login attempts and locking sessions after a prescribed period of inactivity. 

These solutions will protect you against viruses and minimize the risks of remote control or data theft. You can also enhance network security by implementing SSL protocols, establishing VPN connections for mobile devices and your employees’ personal devices, and incorporating multi factor authentication. 

Secure Facilities 

If your company has dedicated rooms for its IT infrastructure, it’s essential to ensure they are adequately protected. Access should be restricted to authorized personnel only. To mitigate the risk of data breaches, consider installing authentication systems and alarms to enhance the security of your IT infrastructure. 

Cloud Solutions for Data Sharing and Backup 

Using cloud solutions is a good approach to improving the IT security of your company. By storing your data in a secure external location, you ensure quick access to your data and its backup. In the event of human error or ransomware attacks, you can recover your data 

Don’t hesitate to seek advice from experts to determine which packages or cloud solutions are suitable for your company’s needs. 

Data Encryption to Enhance Data Protection 

Another popular method to improve data security of a company is data encryption. Encryption involves encrypting your data. By employing asymmetric encryption for your data, you use a public key for their transformation and a private key for decryption 

This solution is highly advantageous as it ensures the integrity, authenticity, and superior protection of your data. Data encryption safeguards your data as you store and share information, preventing cyber attackers from accessing it. 

Employee Awareness and Email Management 

Discuss with your employees to maximize the protection of your network and information. It is crucial that each of your collaborators knows the best backup methods and actions to protect your company’s information. 

Don’t hesitate to have them sign a confidentiality agreement regarding personal data and data protection. Additionally, educate them about identifying and reporting phishing emails, which can pose a significant threat to your company’s cybersecurity.  

Weak passwords are also problematic. Encourage your teams to create strong passwords and make use of a password manager. These tools allow for the safe storage of their username and passwords, increasing the security of your data, whether they are working remotely or in the office. 

Finally, set up control tools to filter your emails so that they analyze and protect you against viruses and unwanted emails. This allows your company to maintain control over the size of messages sent and received. 


Improve IT security in your organization

Company-wide IT support 

Do you have an IT support department? If not, we recommend entrusting this task to a specialized team. Having continuous IT support service is the best way to ensure the security of your systems and data. 

In the event of an incident occurring on your network, an in-house technical support service enables you to regain control quickly. Furthermore, this team always keeps a vigilant eye, allowing for anticipation and minimization of such incidents’ impact.  

Without it, we recommend outsourcing your IT security to a qualified team. ited’s experts will gladly help you maintain an impeccable security posture. 


Choose ited to Improve your IT Security 

If you need personalized support in improving IT security, including protection against cyber attacks, antivirus software, and data protection, feel free to reach out to us. Our managed service experts are delighted to offer their expertise and support to you.

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