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Apple Business Manager (ABM)Capabilities for Businesses

Apple Business Manager (ABM) offers a range of powerful features tailored for organizations utilizing Apple devices. From simplifying device management to ensuring seamless integration of business tools, ABM is an essential resource that every business should leverage. Discover all the features of ABM from the Apple asset management experts at ited. We’re delighted to share our expertise and support your efforts to achieve your performance objectives. 

Improving Efficiency Through Powerful Enterprise Features

Cost-Free Accessibility

One of the standout benefits of Apple Business Manager is that it comes at no additional cost. This free resource is a game-changer for any organization using Apple devices. By enrolling in ABM, you can streamline device management and improve operational efficiency without impacting your budget. Apple Engineers consistently recommend that organizations set up ABM as soon as possible to maximize their device management capabilities.

Apple Business Manager ABM ited
Apple Business Manager ABM ited

Verification of Company-Owned Devices

A lesser-known fact is that Apple initially categorizes all new devices as consumer-owned. To designate these devices as company property, it’s crucial to enroll them in Apple Business Manager. This enrollment ensures that devices are recognized as part of your organization, facilitating better tracking and management. This step is vital for maintaining an accurate inventory of your Apple devices.

Comprehensive Device Management

Although Apple Business Manager itself is not a device management tool, it plays a critical role in supporting your device management efforts. ABM maintains detailed records of all orders and serial numbers for devices purchased under your organization’s account. This information is invaluable for tracking device deployment and ensuring that your assets are accounted for at all times.

Apple Business Manager ABM ited
Apple Business Manager ABM ited

Separation of Business and Personal Accounts

A recently introduced feature in Apple Business Manager is the ability to create Managed Apple IDs. These IDs help keep business and personal accounts separate, allowing employees to use built-in apps like Notes and iCloud for work purposes without mixing personal data. This separation enhances security and privacy, ensuring that business data remains protected and easily manageable.

Streamlined Purchase and Distribution of Apps and Books

Apple Business Manager simplifies the purchase and distribution of apps and books across your organization. By managing app and book licenses through ABM, you gain precise control over the data within these applications. This feature also allows for easy revocation and redistribution of licenses, particularly useful for managing costs and ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently.

Apple Business Manager ABM ited
Apple Business Manager ABM ited

Activation Lock Override

Activation Lock can be a significant hurdle when employees use personal Apple IDs on company-owned devices. If an employee forgets to log out before leaving the organization, the device can become locked. Apple Business Manager, in conjunction with your device management software, provides the capability to override Activation Lock. This ensures that devices remain accessible and can be quickly reassigned without technical issues.

Apple Business Manager: an Invaluable Tool for Organizations

Apple Business Manager is an indispensable tool for organizations that rely on Apple devices. By providing cost-free access to essential device management features, validating company-owned devices, and offering enhanced control over app and book distribution, ABM supports efficient and secure operations. Furthermore, the ability to manage Activation Lock issues and separate business and personal accounts solidifies its role as a vital component of modern business infrastructure. Ensure your organization is fully leveraging these benefits by setting up Apple Business Manager today.

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